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Five Factors of Hiring Property Managers

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Five Factors of Hiring Property Managers

1. Management Fee

The home owner must understand the objective of the management fee (typically 10%). The proportion management fee will pay for the home manager’s time. The TenPercent enables another person to assist shoulder the responsibility of owning the home. The dog owner is having to pay for another person to field 2:00 am calls. You should keep in mind that the home manager cannot take all the responsibility and burden from the owner. Within the finish, it’s the owner’s property and also the owner’s responsibility.

2. Interview

When hiring any professional, a job interview is going to be conducted to employ the right candidate and so the professional remains to alone to get the job done. Using a property owner isn’t any different. Throughout the procedure ask good questions require forthright solutions, hire the best candidate, after which get free from their way. If the owner is really a high micromanager they should employ a certain type property owner (see Property Owner groups below).

3. Personality fit

The owner’s personality needs to fit the home manager’s systems and operations. Sometimes proprietors may have complications with a house managers systems and operations. If your property management company sets work hours between 9-5 Monday through Friday and owner wants an update on their own property @ 6:00pm on the Friday evening they’re going to have to hang about until 9:00 am Monday. This might drive some proprietors crazy who wish to be very active in the day-to-day management. If this sounds like the situation they most likely should employ a manager who definitely are more attentive to the owner’s needs.

4. Communication

Communication is really a two-way street. It isn’t just the home manager’s responsibility to speak effectively. Proprietors should understand they need to lead the home manager in the way they expect the manager to handle the home.

Here’s a good example: My spouse is really a director of promoting for an organization. She needs to be the best choice in guiding and directing the advertising agency in regards to what she would like for that project. She cannot expect the advertising agency to try and you know what she would like within the project.

In case your property owner is slow in coming back your telephone calls show them the amount of communication you anticipate. In exchange, question them just how much communication they expect of your stuff.

Many property managers would prefer to only talk to yourself on when needed basis. Even more than this degree of communication in the owner is overkill.

5. Property Owner Groups

While Property managers fall under three groups, how big the home management clients are neither better nor worse than these. Selecting how big property owner has more details on the amount of owner pampering and documents provided as opposed to a property owner being bad or good.

Small 1-50 units

Property managers within the small category are often unlicensed without any learning property management. These managers may have additional time for that house owner. This kind of property owner is generally not even more than a handyman who’ll show and rent apartments. If your house owner really wants to be on the job and must be updated on every specific action from the property this is actually the manager they ought to hire.


These property managers have time to cuddle and coddle the dog owner. They’ll supply the owner with receipts for repairs and little else in documentation.


These managers may have no systems in position to and won’t be able to barter vendor discounts. No 1099s with no accounting documents ready for an accountant.

Medium 50-150 units


These managers convey more of the professional approach by using some systems. They’ve the acquisition capacity to negotiate some vendor discounts.


The documents might be enough for that owner to know the figures, but might not be enough information to undergo a cpa in order to the government.

Large 150


Large companies have invested lots of money within their systems procedures. They’re going to have an in-house maintenance staff. Their accounting reports could be posted for an accountant or even the IRS.


Virtually no time using the owner. Communication is extremely professional, but impersonal, done mostly through email and voicemail message. Large management companies offer hardly any owner pampering and handholding. The down-side: even proprietors who’ve been in tangible estate for several years still some positive reinforcement every now and then.