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Are You Aware About Few Common Types of Forestry Equipment?

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Are You Aware About Few Common Types of Forestry Equipment?

There are various machineries used that are meant for excavating, harvesting and furnishing the forest which are known as forestry equipment. There are many different such machineries and equipment that are meant for making different works in forest faster, easier, safer and convenient. In this article, we shall mention about few such common forestry equipment that are used in forest activitie

  • Delimbe

You will generally find such delimbers mounted on any excavators. In the forestry industry, this equipment is used for removing branches from those trees which have fallen down. You will find different types of delimbers in the forest e.g. slide boom, chain flail, gate, stroke and pull-through delimbers.

  • Feller buncher

Another forestry equipment from Payeur which is locally known as le forestier de Payeur that is very commonly used, which is a kind of harvester meant for logging of wood. A heavy-duty vehicle with motor is also attached to this and this equipment can easily cut and gather trees very quickly before the trees fall on the ground. In this equipment there is a heavy base along with tree grabbing device which also includes a shear attached to it.

  • Forwarder

Forwarder is another equipment that is very commonly used in the forest industry and is used for carrying the fallen logs from the stump and brought to roadside landing. It can carry the log in proper manner so that it remains above ground and does not make any impact to the soil underneath. It can limit the sizes of the log to certain size so that it can be easily moved. While doing logging operation, this equipment is employed together with harvester.

  • Harvester

Harvester is another very important and heavy-duty forestry equipment that is frequently used for logging operations for delimbing, felling and bucking trees. In the logging operations both forwarder as well as harvester is used.

  • Mulcher

Mulcher equipment is one small tracked machine that is used for grinding the limbs, thick bushes of forest and various trees into woody mulch. Another application of mulcher is for reducing hazards in order to improve habitat. You can get mulchers in many different configurations and sizes. You can also get mulchers on wheels, tracks and boom or front mounted.

  • Skidder

Another wheeled forestry equipment which is used for pulling logs. It grabs the logs and also the trees with the help of grapples or chokers.

If you enter into this business then you will need many such equipment to make your work process more efficient.