Scared, but Determined!

I’m 5 months pregnant with my baby boy. I found out the gender a couple days ago! Yay! So in these 5 years I’ve been reading up on vaccines and the dangers that they bring. Well I’ve decided to do everything in my power to keep my child safe from any danger I have control over, which for the sake of this topic, is vaccines. 

To be honest, I’m kind of scared. There are a lot of people out there that want to make people with my views feel like shit. But I don’t give a rats ass. Stick and stones! Your words may want to cause harm but all they’ll do is prove me right in that everyone else is brainwashed. But that isn’t your fault. It’s okay. That’s why I made this blog. 

To inform people of these dangers. 

To wake people up.

To help them see the truth.

I’m afraid because I’m soft spoken and I’m rarely assertive but this will change me. I will finally be able to fight against the evil that is vaccines. 

I will refuse vaccines through religious exemption.

I will post my journey here and I will also be posting videos to my YouTube channel so stay tuned for those. 

Join the fight !

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