The Griffin Story

The Griffin Story.

Where do I start?
Well I want to start with the male doctor.
He had made a rude comment to me while checking my vagina..
So I changed doctors.
That’s that.

Next Doctor.
I was at my first appointment.
I told them I was diagnosed with depression  BUT, that I was taking care of it.
But they went ahead and refereed me to a social worker.
I talked to her. ( BIG Mistake )
Everything seemed fine.

I kept going to a couple more appointments.
Then one day they asked me, if I wanted to schedule another ultrasound. I said no.
They said it was okay.
That I had my right to deny the ultrasounds and the heart monitoring. ( As I already knew)
But it as fine until, it wasn’t.
Which was at my next appointment the week after. They wanted me to see the damn social worker. THE SAME ONE. AGAIN! I didn’t want to. So I decided to switch doctors. Again!

I found a PERFECT birthing center close to me that accepted my insurance.
Everything was all set. Just to be on the the safe side I was going to try and buy my medical records from the previous OBGYN.
But I didn’t have enough money to buy it so I ended up caving in and just having them send the records. BIG MISTAKE #2!
So I was on my way to the appointment center.
I was really excited to go to because i felt like I had FINALLY found the perfect place to have my baby at and that I didn’t have to stress anymore.
I received a phone call….. They couldn’t take me as a patient…… Why?
They look at my records…. said I had too many “Social Issues”…..
I started crying… ALL I wanted was to have a natural birth… No vaccines..No PKU…. No labcoats…Just calm, peaceful, happy child birth.
But NO…All I have is social issues.

Okay so I calmed down… and went back home..
Took to the groups and explained my situation.
One girl helped me out and told me about Griffin Hospital.
I called the OBGYN connected to the hospital and the midwife had convinced me that this was the perfect place for me to go..
She was so sweet, I don’t blame her. She didn’t know what was about to go down.