Anxiety & Depression

It’s not all in your head.
It’s a vitamin deficiency and your “disorder” is 100% curable!

What’s the Cure?


It’s a mineral.
It’s an electrolyte.
It regulates blood sugar.
Relaxes our muscles.
Produces Serotonin.
Regulates cortisol and adrenaline.

Makes it easier for you to sleep.

Magnesium deficiency isn’t detectable by regular blood tests.
Magnesium deficiency makes it harder for us to deal with stress.

Cool Facts!

Empaths usually have low magnesium levels.




How can I take Magnesium?

Recommended amount is 400mg per day.
Best way to take Magnesium is by supplements although you can eat foods that are rich in it.

Food  How Much?  Miligrams  % Daily Value
 Spinach  1 Cup  154mg  40% DV
 Chard  1 Cup  154mg  38% DV
 Pumpkin Seeds  1/8th Cup  92mg  23% DV
 Dark Chocolate  1 Square  95mg  24% DV

But if you want to make sure you get the right amount it’s better to use pills.

You can find the pills at your local Whole Foods Market or online ( Ebay, Amazon, etc… )

Magnesium Testimonials

Videos of people who took Magnesium Citrate for anxiety

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