A letter to you

Baby, I can’t wait to meet you my love..

I can’t wait to hold you in my arms my marshmallow..

I promise to lift you up and let you be a man

I promise not to let my ego be my guide… if I’m wrong, I’m wrong baby … and I’ll own that shit..

Baby, We’ll speak all night about pointless things and I’ll love every minute of it..

Baby, we’ll dance together at random moments and not care who sees

I will feel so amazing with you.

You’ll hug me and I’d feel like I’m the luckiest person alive

Baby boy, I love you and I’m so lucky to have you by my side..

I fucking love the way your voice sounds..

and how your lips move when it happens..

Your skin shines brighter than the sun and I can’t help but stare .. You’re so sexy.

Your dance moves are so fucking lit, baby you move so flawlessly mi amor, don’t you see that.. you should teach me.

The amount of passion when you speak about what you want to fix in this world, baby that insane! It’s colossally beautiful..

When you talk about your cartoon characters i see your eyes light up and I see them, like a movie .. as if they were real.

Baby can you see me.. of course you see me.

You notice everything I do..

You’re not afraid to love me like he was..

You make me feel equal to you.

I’m a queen in your eyes and You’re a king in mines and deserve no less title.

Everyone who broke your heart before doesn’t/didn’t deserve you, including me.

You love me for who I am and don’t hold against me who I was.. because if that was the case then me bettering myself couldn’t have changed a thing no matter what I did to make you happy…

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