Enema Journey/Guide

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I got my enema kit on Amazon, but you can find these things anywhere! Mine came with everything I needed, PLUS 2 nozzles!



First Enema

So I tried my first enema yesterday and it was SOO much better than I had expected. I was expecting it to be an uncomfortable process. But to my surprise, I didn’t feel a thing.I didn’t keep the water in too long and I didn’t let ALL the water go in. Give me a break it was my first time…

I used distilled water because SCREW tap water!

The MOMENT that I sat on the toilet after getting up, I was instantly HOOKED! I swear.

At that moment, I knew this was something I was going to be doing for the rest of my life!

I was so amazed that I even got my mom one. She suffers from severe constipation so I honestly cannot wait for her to try this! I’m actually going to be there when she does..