Refusing Ultrasounds does NOT mean I am unfit!

I went to the doctor last week after making the decision that I will no longer be needing the Ultrasounds and the heart monitoring. The midwife then proceeded to let me know how “safe” these two things are and that there was “nothing to worry about”. Well I disagreed. She also made a comment that if I didn’t agree to intermittent fetal monitoring during childbirth that I would have to either switch doctors or opt for a home birth. After that she was like “hold on”. She was getting her supervisor. When she came into the room, she told me that I have the right to refuse any medical procedure. So I left that day feeling proud of myself.

Skip to yesterday, which was my next doctors appointment.
It was like any other normal doctors appointment except at the end the doctor told me that because of my refusing to let the baby be monitored that I talk to a social worker.

I know my rights and they weren’t being respected.
Instead of causing a scene, I made my next appointment and I left.
I will be changing doctors A.S.A.P.
Matter of fact, I will be getting s midwife.

I am DEFINITELY opting for a home birth. I knew that the medical industry was bad but I’ve never experienced it myself.
I plan to fight for my child’s health with everything I have.
I will not give in to their scare tactics.

I cannot STAND this feeling that I get when hearing about mainstream doctors. It makes me sick.
Everyone around me trusts these greedy people, Some of them honestly don’t know and think that they are doing things for the greater good. But at some point you have to be curious and check it out for yourself. Their policies are being broken and I could stay and fight for my rights, but I really don’t want to be near that kind of negative energy. The medical ignorance is insane. It’s not right and my unborn son definitely deserves more care. I am not crazy. I am just aware. Aware of all the risks and I’ve made the inform decision to not be a follower. I am a leader and I will protect my son at all costs.


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