All About Me

About Me


  • I do not believe in an imaginary figure everyone calls “God”.
  • I don’t belong to any religion per-say. Although I do call myself a pantheist.. Pantheism is not a religion, it’s more like a set of religious beliefs. It’s basically atheism with 10 million pounds of spirituality.
  • I believe the earth, space, stars, etc…. are God and that because we come from the earth, we are recycled from the earth, we have god within us. We are all gods.
  • The thing that people call praying, I call that the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts bring upon these situations. The butterfly effect takes place and the universe helps make stuff happen. We all help it happen subconsciously because we are all connected. YOU wanted it to happen, YOU thought about it and YOU made it happen, not God.
  • I believe in good energy and bad energy, like negative and positive sides of a battery. I believe in spirits, good ones and bad ones. But no devil. Everyone has their own choice to do what is wrong and what is right. I take responsibility for my wrong doings because we are all humans and we all make mistakes. I will not blame a fictional character called the devil. Everyone has good and bad energy within them but every one has the choice to either fight the negative or give in.  Giving in feels so comfortable sometimes, I know. I know this all too well but, this year (2017) I’ve decided to fight. Not only for me, but for my kids and my unborn. Sometimes people don’t have a choice, meaning that the government is holding us back, but I will talk about that in my conspiracy section. It all connects, believe me. ^_^


  • I Support President Donald Trump.